Unfair Treatment Of Suarez

2 Oct

Unfair Treatment Of Suarez



Last Saturday Luis Suarez produced another magnificent performance highlighted by scoring 3 terrific goals against Norwich City.


Luis Suarez is a very talented player but he also has a history of controversy, since his time in Holland with Ajax where he bit an opponent to his charge of “racist abuse” towards Manchester United’s Patrice Evra, which resulted in the Uruguayan being banned for 8 games.


Suarez also has an unfortunate reputation as a “diver” for going to ground too easily under challenges from opponents, and this reputation is really going against the Liverpool striker.


During last Saturday’s match at Norwich Suarez was blatantly bundled to the ground in the penalty area by a Norwich defender, it looked like one of the easiest penalty decisions a referee would ever need to make, but amazingly the referee Mike Jones never awarded the penalty.


The week before against Manchester United Suarez was brought down by United defender Johnny Evans in the penalty box, but again Suarez never got the decision. It is becoming a common theme for Suarez not getting decisions from referees and this is leading to his frustration that invariably leads to him receiving a yellow card for dissent.


Other manager’s comments have not helped Suarez as they have highlighted his “diving” antics. Sir Alex Ferguson being one of those managers that showed distaste to Suarez’s tactics and would have hoped his comments would be noted by Premiership referees.  It is obvious that referees have taken note of Sir Alex’s and other manager’s comments.


“Diving” is an unsavoury part of football, but the fact is everybody does it. British players are every bit to blame for doing it as is foreign players and it has just become part of football whether we like it or not.


But no player in England is being victimised for their style of play more than Luis Suarez. Suarez is no angel and he does make the most when challenged, and can exaggerate a bit. But a foul is a foul and a referee has to give one when it is one. But Luis Suarez does not seem to be getting decisions even when they look blatant fouls and it looks like Suarez’s reputation is playing a big part in the referee’s decision.


No matter what reputation a player has a referee has to look at the incident and make his decision on what he saw and not who he saw involved in the incident.


Suarez deserves fair treatment from officials and right now that is not happening and Suarez and Liverpool are the ones suffering which is disgraceful by the referees in this country.




4 Responses to “Unfair Treatment Of Suarez”

  1. Nicholls Media October 2, 2012 at 8:56 pm #

    Very well said. His reputation goes before him, as it has for Drogba and Ronaldo in the past. I only hope referees become more consistent in their decisions and have an objective view of the incident.

  2. Benito October 2, 2012 at 11:25 pm #

    Biggest load of red tinted clap trap I’ve ever read. He doesn’t get decisions because he has form. Any trouble understanding that read the boy who cried wolf.

  3. Iwan Lehnert (@IwanLehnert) October 3, 2012 at 9:20 am #

    Thought Suarez probably should’ve gotten a penalty against Evans at Anfield, but to be honest, if his reputation is preceeding him, then he has no one to blame but himself. Nani should’ve had a penalty against Spurs, and got nothing.That had a lot to do with his reputation of going down too easily. If you try and con the referee outside of the box, then he’s going to be suspicious when you go down inside it, and considering the pressure they’re under, blaming them isn’t helpful. Crying wolf doesn’t do any player any favours.

  4. Mark October 3, 2012 at 11:20 am #

    Alex Ferguson should be a bit more careful with his comments. Especially when you consider the behaviour of his own players on the pitch. Football pundits should also take note we regularly hear comments like ” he had ever right to go down” when only the slightest contact has been made.
    The referees need to work on their consistency as well. It is currently appalling.

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