24 Points Behind United

15 Jan

                                         24 Points Behind United


Liverpool suffered another disappointing defeat to their great rivals Manchester United on Sunday and now trail the Premiership leaders by 24 points and we are only in January, but manager Brendan Rodgers feels that Liverpool are not 24 points behind United in terms of quality.


Liverpool have been had inconsistent results wise this season and their current position of 8th in the league is about as high as they have managed all season. Obviously it takes time for a new manager to install his tactics and style of play in to his new players, and the results have suffered along the way as Rodgers implemented his style of play.


The summer signings have been poor and have left Rodgers with a threadbare squad, especially in the striking department. The loss of many experienced campaigners like Kuyt and Bellamy have only been replaced by youngsters, which is a big ask and big step up for them. Praise must go to Brendan Rodgers for showing faith in them, but has he had much of a choice, but to bring them into the first team ?


To be where Liverpool are in the league is really quite amazing as they are still within touching distance of the top four after losing seven games this season. But many thanks has to go to the form of star striker Luis Suarez, who has provided most of the goals for the Anfield club and the Uruguayan has at times been the only recognised striker available to Rodgers.


The addition of Sturridge to the squad could provide the firepower Liverpool need for the second half of the season and his two goals in as many games is very encouraging along with his understanding with Suarez in the short time they have played together.


The youngsters that have stepped up to the first team this season have been tremendous, with Raheem Sterling grabbing most of the headlines. But the outcast players like Downing and Henderson have also started to look more confident in recent games. The return of Lucas has been of great importance to the Liverpool midfield to give Steven Gerrard more freedom to create in the attacking third. Lucas is still finding his sharpness after a long lay-off, but his importance is vital to Liverpool’s midfield.


Enrique has been on fire in recent games and it really is a pity that he’s picked up an injury. Joe Allen has struggled lately, but he has shown earlier in the season how good he can be and I’m sure he will find his form again.


When you look at the league table and you look at the teams above Liverpool, well Liverpool have yet to beat any of those teams and that has to change or the Anfield side will remain in mid-table.


At present I have to disagree with Brendan Rodgers and say that Liverpool are 24 points behind United in terms of quality, United show what a great team they are week in week out in their application, determination and quality. The biggest difference between Liverpool and United is that United are blessed with a luxury of top class strikers that Liverpool don’t possess and they always seem to find a way to win even if they have to wait until the last minute. Liverpool can’t attract or buy the type of players that United can either, mainly because Liverpool are not in the Champions League, and that will not change until Liverpool get back there.


Rodgers said that it will take time to get back to where Liverpool were, but 24 points is a big gap and it looks like it could be a long time to bridge that gap, time will tell.


3 Responses to “24 Points Behind United”

  1. Richard January 16, 2013 at 12:23 am #

    Wich players except van Persie do you mean that Liverpool can’t attract that United have in recent years?
    Young? Chicharito? Nani? Valencia? And the likes of Carrick, Anderson, Evra or Rafael?
    Maybe, but just maybe Kagawa wouldn’t have joined LFC.
    Ok post otherwise, quite obvious things really.

  2. Gabriel Stoole January 16, 2013 at 9:40 am #

    Other teams have managed to buy quality, why can’t Liverpool do the same? Personally I don’t agree with buying in quality but unfortunately in such a competitive league you are left with no option but to follow suit. What puzzles me though is all the fuss that was made about all the American owners that Liverpool have had. What difference have they made to the team? look at Chelsea & Man City and Man United to some extent. Their owners have poured millions if not billions into making their squads top contenders. Prior to 2005 and more recently 2009, Chelsea and Man City were no match for Liverpool but now the tables have been reversed and Liverpool find themselves chasing shadows. In my opinion the American owners, past and present, have done more harm than good.

  3. Arie January 16, 2013 at 11:28 am #

    Why not Sneijder?Thats the man for midfield,or Tadic (FC Twente) on left worldplayers for the same price as Henderson

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