A Tribute To Carragher

7 Feb

A Tribute To Carragher


Sad news that Jamie Carragher is hanging up his battle scarred boots at the end of the season. The man has been a great servant to Liverpool Football Club and his services will be sorely missed. Carragher has been at the club since the age of 9 and played over 700 games for Liverpool, with only Ian Callaghan playing more games for this famous club.


Carragher has played in many positions for Liverpool during his career and in every position in defence as he proved to be so versatile in defence, this versatility hindered his international career as he was used in numerous positions instead of being selected to play in his best position in the centre of defence.


Carragher spent his best years at Liverpool in the centre of defence and his partnership with Sami Hyypia proved to be tremendous partnership and very important in Liverpool’s success. Carragher’s commitment and attitude and his whole hearted performances have made him a big favourite of Liverpool supporters, but his organisation on the park as he constantly shouts instructions to his team mates has also been invaluable to Liverpool.


Carragher has won 12 honours in his illustrious career, but his obvious highlight has to be that night in Istanbul where he picked his weary body up off the turf time and time again to fling himself into another block or interception to help Liverpool win the Champions League.


In these modern times of football where many players become mercenaries, Jamie Carragher has stayed loyal to Liverpool Football Club throughout his playing career just like his good friend Steven Gerrard. Carragher has not featured as often as he would have liked in the last couple of seasons and it is ironic that his announcement to retire coincides with his return to the team in the last few games. But typical of the man that Carragher is by making the announcement to end the speculation concerning his future.


While Carragher has not played as much in the last couple of seasons, he has never complained about being left out of the team and has remained as professional as ever waiting to be called upon to help his team, and although not playing regularly he has been superb when needed.


It will be the end of an era when Carragher hangs up his boots but I’m sure he will leave a legacy with the help and experience he has shared with young defenders like Martin Kelly, Andre Wisdom, Jon Flanagan, Jack Robinson and many others that will hopefully go on to play for a long time at Liverpool. I hope Carragher remains at Liverpool in some sort of coaching role but whatever he does I’m sure he will be a success.


Thanks for the memories Carra and for the passion you showed for the Red shirt.


You Will Never Walk Alone




2 Responses to “A Tribute To Carragher”

  1. Omensa February 7, 2013 at 6:25 pm #

    Good stuff there! He wasn’t my favorite lad cos of his lack of dealing with pacy attackers esp on counter basis. But apart of that he’s a passionate and comfortable with the organisation of his back4 no wonder i last read a comment of carra saying in all the gaffers he’s work under it was only mr roy evans who taught him the passing game and he cherish and admire him alot. So am not suprise that he’s among top 2 best accurate passer of the ball in the top5 euro leagues.he also leads the most attempted passes and completed passes in the europa league 2012/2013. He’s indeed an obvious passionate legend of lfc. Imo rodgers s’d target these lads as replacement. These bcoz they posesses almost carra ability 2 organise and comfortable with the ball & less error prone. Williams,Levron,Dede,Subotic,Pearce,Papadupalus & Hummels. These coz i’ve watch them play and seen the tikitaka trait in them.

  2. Mark O'Neill February 8, 2013 at 5:38 pm #

    Jamie will quite rightly take his place in the Liverpool hall of fame,although he will be too modest to admit he belongs in that company. Speaking as a Tottenham fan my one abiding memory of him is in Istanbul during extra time when,with Steven Gerrard at right back,they denied Milan time and time again. Besides who said nice guys didn’t win? He will be sorely missed both within Liverpool FC and by fans of opposing sides who appreciate quality defenders which he undoubtedly was-and on the evidence of last week’s game at the Etihad still is. Farewell Jamie-I doubt football has seen the last of you.

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