Fergie Haunted By Paisley

6 Mar


Fergie Haunted By Paisley

Sir Alex Ferguson has been on a relentless mission to knock Liverpool off their perch as the most successful English club. In determined fashion he achieved the remarkable feat of winning more league title than the Merseyside club when United won their 19th title in 2011.

Liverpool have struggled since their last League success back in 1990, but they still have more European Cup successes than Manchester United, the last success being in 2005 in that amazing night in Istanbul. In recent years Liverpool have not been able to add to their tally because of failure to qualify for the Champions League, where Manchester United are perennial qualifiers.

Ferguson is not content with beating Liverpool in the number of League titles, he is determined to win more European Cups too. But time is running out for the great Manchester United manager as he is now in his 70’s and although he has made United the dominant force in English football and won them 2 Champions Leagues , he has not been able to match the great Bob Paisley, who remains the only manager to have won Europe’s elite prize 3 times.

Bob Paisley won the European Cup in 1977, 78 and in 1981 in a trophy laden 9 year spell as manager. Paisley must be the most underrated manager in history as most experts don’t give him the credit he deserves because he took over from a great team that Shankly built. Paisley built his own team during his time and his success in 9 years is unparalleled.

Ferguson has used Liverpool as a the bench mark for success and endeavoured to surpass his great rivals in league titles, but the target that Bob Paisley set is really getting to him, especially with all the past failed attempts to equal him.

Father time waits for no man and Ferguson realises his chances are running out. Much has been said about the great team that he has assembled this season, but the English league is not as strong as in previous years and although United look to be comfortable winners of the Premiership this season, they have once again failed in Europe.

Ferguson’s reaction to defeat against Real Madrid showed how difficult it was for the great man to take. A controversial sending off for one of his players really upset Ferguson and although it did have a great bearing on the result of the match, Ferguson was deemed “too distraught” by his assistant Phelan to attend the post-match press conference.

Ferguson has seen it all before but this defeat really hurt, and to blame a refereeing decision is an attempt to vent his frustration, after all United were leading 1-0 at the time of the sending off and even with 10 men there is no reason why they shouldn’t have seen the match out. Ferguson was obviously worried incase he said something he might regret at the press conference, but his team’s exit in the competition means he has to wait another year for his next opportunity to equal Paisley’s record and he will be another year older.

The tremendous achievements and ambition of Ferguson during his career at United must be applauded, but his final hurdle looks like being one too high as he might have to settle for second best to Liverpool and the great Bob Paisley who kept quiet and just got on with the job of winning and who conquered Europe three times.

Sir Alex, there is always someone better.


5 Responses to “Fergie Haunted By Paisley”

  1. jdinner March 6, 2013 at 9:45 pm #

    I hate Manu and Fergi as much as the rest and usually agree with your points but come on they lost that game because of a miserable red card. You say “there is no reason why they shouldn’t have seen the match out” but there are so many reasons. A red card that early in the 2nd half changes a ton of things, especially when you are playing a superior team in Real Madrid.

  2. greg March 7, 2013 at 11:08 am #

    Sorry that F will never be my sir, hate his F guts

  3. ken08 March 7, 2013 at 11:24 am #

    How many times have we been here?M U waited 26yrs to get back to the top and we at this stage are 23 yrs waiting and in all that time SIR Alex has`nt been able to do much on the european scene as most neutrals know that in 1999 the better team lost the European Cup Final

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