Respecting The 96

15 Apr


Respecting The 96

24 years ago today 96 football supporters attended a football match never to return home.

It should never happen, but it did.

It could have been me or you, but we were lucky.

It could have been any team’s supporters.

Tragically it was Liverpool supporters.

The loss of lives was tragic enough.

But the aftermath and blame directed at the supporters

Was disgusting.

Supporters that were there that day tried to save their friends.

They thought they would come home heroes.

How wrong could they be.

The headlines in the Sun tarnished them.

The outrageous lies

No respect for the dead

The supporters did everything they could to help that day

While the authorities did nothing.

Liverpool supporters knew they were not to blame

And a massive cover up prevented the truth

But against all the odds and the corruption of the system

The fight for justice won the day

When at long last the truth of the disaster was made public

The years of being blamed

The years fighting for justice

The years fighting for the 96

Too many names to mention that helped bring the truth to the public.

Respect has finally been recognised

After the public’s shock from the truth

April the 15th will always be a sad day for Liverpool Football Club

But the 96 will never be forgotten

And they have made Liverpool Football Club stronger

Today is the anniversary of the tragedy

But every day the 96 are in our thoughts

You Will Never Walk Alone

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