Y.N.W.A. Anne Williams

18 Apr

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YNWA  Anne Williams


A normal lady, a normal mother, with a typical football loving boy


Who lost her son at a football match


A life lost, a life changed forever


Every parent’s worst nightmare to lose a son or daughter


But at a football match, this should never happen


96 never returned, 96 families lives changed forever


Unthinkable tragedy, unbelievable lies


Anne lost her son 24 years ago


All she wanted was to know what happened that day


How her Kevin died


Was that too much to ask


The victims were blamed for their own deaths


Anne knew the lies


She would get the truth against the establishment


She fought for the truth


She fought for justice


Against all odds when mere mortals would give up


Most would tire of the fight


Most would struggle with a broken heart


Anne’s heart is as big as Liverpool


Anne has led the fight for justice


She has never backed down


She would not be defeated


Her strength is unparalleled


Anne fought the law and Anne won


24 years fighting for the truth and for justice


Her belief never waned, her spirit never broken


Finally rewarded last September


The truth came out


Anne has put her body and mind through hell for 24 years


Anne fought for an inquest into her son’s death


Because she knew he could have been saved


Last October she was diagnosed with terminal cancer


And she continued to fight her for her cause


Although her body was suffering


Anne’s body finally gave in this week


Sad that she never lived to see the inquest


As she joined her beloved son Kevin


But not before defying doctors with one last show of courage


To attend Monday’s 24th Hillsborough Anniversary Service at Anfield




Anne Williams suffered tragedy


She suffered the lies


Never felt sorry for herself


Never gave up


Respected by many


Carried a city against injustice


Anne Williams rest in peace


You will never walk alone





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One Response to “Y.N.W.A. Anne Williams”

  1. sargonid April 18, 2013 at 2:25 pm #

    RIP anne, u should be proud of yourself. deeply moved by what u have accomplished and even though i am only a Lfc fan from hong kong, it is a sad day for me.

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