Public Enemy Number One

22 Apr

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Public Enemy Number One


Luis Suarez grabbed all the headlines once again for all the wrong reasons after taking a bite out of Chelsea defender Ivanovic’s arm at Anfield. Suarez has hardly been out of the headlines since joining Liverpool but his latest action has brought disgust and calls for him to booted out of Liverpool for this unsavoury incident.


Suarez has cleaned up his diving act in recent months as he has tried to improve his image highlighted by the nation’s media. The media have constantly hounded the Uruguayan since he arrived on our shores and every wrong move by Suarez has been headline news.


The biggest saga until now was the ban after allegedly racially abusing Manchester United’s Evra which resulted in the striker receiving an 8 match ban and a fine of £40,000. Many believe former Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish lost his job over the defence of Suarez.


But Liverpool have once again been let down by Suarez and once again he has put them in a difficult position. The biting incident has shocked the country, even though Suarez has previous after being banned for by the Dutch FA for 7 matches after biting PSV midfielder Bakkal while playing for Ajax.


Suarez is one of the best strikers in the world but he has serious flaws and he is capable of anything good and bad.


Liverpool have come out and handled the situation well by making Suarez apologise for his conduct and fining him, but also by stating that he will remain a Liverpool player.


Credit has to go to Ivanovic for not making a meal of the whole situation where many players would and Rafa Benitez also deserves a lot of credit for not getting involved when interrogated after the match by the media.


It is a nonsense for people to say Suarez should be kicked out of Liverpool and it won’t happen. Footballers don’t get sacked and they are important commodities and worth a lot of money to their club and unless Liverpool get offered a massive amount of money for Suarez, then he will remain a Liverpool player.


Suarez will get banned by the FA and he and Liverpool will accept the ban and life will go on and Suarez will continue to score goals for Liverpool and he will get booked occasionally but Liverpool will do all they can to help their star striker with his on the field behavioural problems.



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4 Responses to “Public Enemy Number One”

  1. Soccerisma April 22, 2013 at 9:30 pm #

    What he did was unacceptable, but those fans wanting him out are senseless, he is the best player in the league by far, the main hope for Liverpool’s revival next season

  2. Aar Vee April 23, 2013 at 7:37 am #

    I have written to the FA in this matter, see below. Whilst I am appalled at the actions of Luis Suarez, I am equally appalled at the media frenzy, media influence and anti-Suarez brigade again. There is not one football fan in the world that would not want Luis Suarez in their team and he would improve every single team, without exception.

    Dear Sirs,

    As an avid football fan for more than 40 years, not only was I disgusted by the behaviour of Luis Suarez on Sunday 22nd April v Chelsea, but equally, I am alarmed at the level of media influence in the matter.

    I believe that the FA’s position in charging Mr Suarez with violent conduct is correct. However, their immediate statement that it merits more than a 3 game ban is unwise as it states the likely punishment before the response/ hearing! This is outrageous in our society. Whilst I would not condone the behaviour of Mr Suarez, you have still publicly found him guilty before the response, irrespective of the level of evidence against him.

    Furthermore, the media frenzy around anything negative which Mr Suarez does is seen to be condoned by the FA. It is noted amongst an increasing number of observers now, that the FA’s recent history of disciplinary awards treats foreign players more severely than England internationals. There is thus a growing case of racial discrimination by the FA. Evidence of this can be seen by the statement relating to Mr Suarez’s recent misdemeanour when compared by the bite by England international Jermain Defoe on Javier Mascherano in the 2006 fixture between Portsmouth and West Ham Utd. Similarly, the 8 game ban awarded to Mr Suarez for the racial issue with Patrice Evra when evidence, though inconclusive by the FA’s own report, pointed to the sequence of events being as reported by Mr Evra as being more likely than Mr Suarez’s account of the event. This is in contrast to the 4 game suspension for the England international John Terry for his verbal assault against Anton Ferdinand where the level of evidence was significantly clearer and left no doubt as to the allegation, high enough for legal action to be taken, despite the judicial outcome. That level of evidence was not apparent in the Suarez/ Evra affair.

    Furthermore, with regards to the Suarez/ Ivanovic affair, Mr Suarez conducted a deliberately violent act against an opponent. Why would this deliberate act of violence against an opponent be deemed to be any worse than the deliberate act of violence conducted by Wayne Rooney (England international) against the Montenegro opponent which resulted in a red card and 3 game ban and was appealed down to 2 games by the FA itself?

    The actions of Mr Suarez, though inappropriate and totally unacceptable, did not cause any injury to the opponent and should not be punished more severely than if the referee had seen the incident at the time and awarded a caution, or more likely a red card for violent conduct – a 3 game ban.

    I trust that the FA will not add further cause for allegations of double standards and racial prejudice by treating My Suarez any differently than it treats it’s own England international players.

    I await your response in this matter.

    • thekopiteview April 23, 2013 at 8:18 am #

      Thanks for reading and replying. I hope you get a reply from the FA.

    • Nico April 28, 2013 at 11:58 am #

      Excellent but unfortunately the FA does not seem to take anything sensible into account.

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