Suarez Owes Liverpool

11 Jun

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Suarez Owes Liverpool

Luis Suarez has been a sensation in terms of footballing quality since his arrival on Merseyside, and the Liverpool supporters have taken them to their heart. But with all his world class footballing ability, there is also heavy baggage that weighs him down.

Suarez has never been out of the headlines since his arrival from Dutch side Ajax, and unfortunately mostly for controversy. The English media have found great delight in highlighting every misdemeanour the Uruguayan has made with little mention of his wonderful play on the park for Liverpool.

The English media made Suarez public enemy number one since his infamous role in the 2010 World Cup Quarter Final, when he got sent off for saving Dominic Adiyiah’s goalbound header with his hands on the goal line, which would have been the game winner. Gyan hit the crossbar with the ensuing penalty kick before Uruguay won the penalty shootout 4-2 to advance to the semi-finals.

It was despicable treatment from the world’s media for Suarez’s action, when any footballer would have done the same thing with an instinctive save to prevent a goal. Suarez was punished by receiving a red card and also missed the semi- final through suspension, so why the outcry, it was hardly similar to Maradona’s handball against England in the 1986 World cup was it ?

But although the media had an agenda against Suarez, he hasn’t helped himself with his diving, although he has worked to clean up his act in recent months. The Evra controversy still seems mysterious to me but he was punished rightly or wrongly, one man’s word against another man’s word but he was found guilty.

But his latest misdemeanour was his worst yet and possibly his last in a Liverpool shirt. There was no excuse for biting Chelsea defender Ivanovic and he was rightly punished.

Suarez has missed many games through suspension since joining Liverpool as the FA have joined the nation’s media to hammer English football’s public enemy number one and make an example of him to others.

Suarez was banned for 8 games for racially abusing Evra whereas Chelsea’s John Terry only got 4 games for racially abusing Anton Ferdinand, with much more evidence of the offence on offer.

The Uruguayan’s latest ban is 10 matches for biting Ivanovic and I believe the punishment is for the man and not for the crime as Suarez has previous convictions.

Like I say Suarez has not helped himself, for example not shaking Evra’s hand the next time the two players’ met after his ban was not the brightest thing to do and caused more trouble. But throughout all Suarez’s troubles and strife Liverpool Football Club has consistently defended and backed their star striker even though he has dragged the good name of the club through the mud at times and tarnished their great name.

But previous manager Kenny Dalglish constantly defended Suarez, even getting his team to wear T-shirts in an act of support for Suarez, and Brendan Rodgers has been singing off the same hymn sheet in regards to protecting his star player.

So how can Suarez betray the loyalty of Liverpool Football Club and more importantly his worshippers that stand in the Kop, by saying in a recent interview in his native land that he wants to leave Liverpool.

Suarez owes Liverpool at least another year to see if they can achieve a top four place in the league and qualification into the Champions League after the loyalty they have shown throughout his troubles.

Suarez’s excuse for wanting to leave Liverpool was blaming the media, like I said they have treated him disgracefully and I feared some time ago that they would drive him out of this country, but come on Luis you didn’t help yourself and just tell us the real reason that it is because you want to play in the Champions League and Liverpool can’t offer that and although the truth may hurt, Liverpool supporters will at least understand this excuse. But to blame the media no I’m sorry Liverpool deserve better.

I think Suarez is vital to Liverpool’s challenge for a top four place next season and without him I fear they will struggle, yes they will be compensated with good money, but losing a world class player is extremely difficult to replace and Liverpool will be a poorer team without him.

But no player is bigger than the team and Liverpool will go on with or without Suarez. Suarez is a great player but nowhere near the best to grace the hallowed turf of Anfield but he is certainly one of the most controversial and anybody that endeavours to tarnish the name of Liverpool Football Club is better away from Anfield.

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3 Responses to “Suarez Owes Liverpool”

  1. bill June 11, 2013 at 10:22 pm #

    Agree most of the article says. but not the racist charge and the hand shake thing. KD was right to stand up to Fergy. In fact, I think deep down, Fergy knew what he was doing was to bring the media onto this obviously a good player, making the players live in the EPL as tough as poss. May be opportunistic at first but turned out bonuses all round.

    When liverpool refrained from backing him the racist charge, he finished there and then.

    Is difficult for Suarez now, and I agree the bite charge is more about the person and it determined his chance of getting his boot. LFC let him walk alone, Lfc owes him not the other way. The americans were and still are a bit naive about the EPL and the FA, I was surprise to see LS stayed after Kenny left, to be honest.

    Love to see Su to stay with the reds but if he can’t, well… that is it.


  2. Deebiosi June 11, 2013 at 11:46 pm #

    He doesn’t owe Liverpool another year. He owes us the class and respect to leave quietly and in the Liverpool Way and not while publicly touting himself out and attempting to drag his price down.

  3. Omensa June 12, 2013 at 10:04 am #

    Mate, i totally disagree with u but sided with suarez. I 100% agree with the epl magician mate. Both the fucking FA cum pressMedia has ‘PERSECUTED’ suarez rather than acting EQUITIANCE WAY. Imho, suarez has done more than enough to guarantee an exit due to the ‘ConorPHOBIC’ ATTITUDE By the fucking hypocrates fa and the media. With this i’d be condone and bide by suarez plea mate. By the way the article was indeed educative. Keep it up then.

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