A Fallen Idol

10 Jul

A Fallen Idol


It is so sad that Luis Suarez wants to leave Liverpool Football Club and move to a club that can give him more money and Champions League football. In most scenarios you wouldn’t fault a player wanting to take a step up in his career, but with Suarez the situation is different. Suarez has constantly been in the headlines since his arrival to Anfield, and not for all the right reasons, in fact mostly for unsavoury actions that we all know about.


But through every controversial incident Liverpool Football Club and their supporters have constantly stood by the Uruguayan and backed him. Suarez owes Liverpool at least another season of his service, especially after his last unsavoury incident which involved him biting Chelsea defender Ivanovic. Suarez still has to serve 6 of the 10 match ban for his punishment.


But the way Suarez has continued to manufacture a move away from Liverpool this summer is extremely disappointing. Suarez has made his feelings known in numerous interviews while on international duty with Uruguay, and that is really disappointing. Suarez should be keeping his mouth shut and let his agent deal with a move away. His excuses about blaming the media for a move away from Anfield are disgraceful too, it wasn’t them that made him bite Ivanovic for example. There are even strong suggestions that Suarez might move to another English club, and that would infuriate the Liverpool supporters.


Liverpool lost Torres not so long ago to Chelsea and that hurt the Liverpool supporters after the love they showed him. Torres has suffered from the Liverpool support since his move as the fans let him know what they think each time he plays against Liverpool. But if Suarez moves to another English club the Liverpool supporters will be even more angered than when Torres moved. A move abroad would be the best move for Suarez as long as Liverpool receive good money for the transfer.


The whole summer saga with Suarez wanting to leave has soured a lot of fans of him and most are just wanting rid of him sooner rather than later, so that there is still time to find a replacement. Suarez has not been loved by many football supporters for his style of play. But at Liverpool he found many friends who loyally supported him. But now it looks like he has lost them too and he is proving to be just another footballer who doesn’t care about the team he plays for as long as they pay him.


No player is bigger than the club and Liverpool will go on without Suarez. Liverpool have lost better players in the past and found replacements and Suarez will be no different. Keegan, Dalglish, Rush, Fowler, Torres to name a few have all been replaced and Suarez will be too.


Suarez will be hard to replace and I fear his loss will be detrimental to Liverpool’s challenge for a top four place, but Suarez has made his intentions known and I don’t think there is any going back to Anfield for Suarez. Suarez has been idolised since arriving at Anfield but in a short summer his reputation has been tarnished.


Suarez will leave Liverpool this summer, the question is where will he be going ?









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4 Responses to “A Fallen Idol”

  1. Spiv July 10, 2013 at 3:54 pm #

    You’re one of the best 5 players in the world and you have no immediate prospect of playing on the sport’s greatest stage, the Champions’ League. Each season you look around and see players with far less talent growing in stature, experience and even accolades by the mere fact they are playing with Europe’s (and arguably the world’s) best and you say to yourself: “That’s what I want. That’s what I should have. That’s what I can have if I decide to make it happen. Can I really afford to rely on the rest of my team mates/club to get me there or do I need to make this happen myself?”

    As fans we’re selfish, only wanting what is best for our club not the individuals who play for the club. Had Barcelona or Madrid come knocking on Stevie’s door in 2005/06/07 he may well have left and would you blame him? LFC have been incredibly fortunate that during a period of 20+ below par seasons (barring perhaps 2 or 3 of those) they’ve had the fortunate to be blessed with some of best players in Europe plying their trade at Anfield. But like in every walk of life, you can’t keep onto something special if you aren’t able to offer anything special in return. That’s a fact unfortunately and it’s a very real one!

    Luis Suarez deserves better than what LFC can provide him today, irrespective of how the club may have stood by him during his moments of madness.
    And I have no doubt there will be another great player and another that will join LFC and for one of those (perhaps Coutinho?) the timing will be right………..unfortunately it’s not for Luis.

    BTW: I hope by some miracle he decides to stay but I can’t see it 😦

  2. rouman July 10, 2013 at 4:40 pm #

    his honour is now at stake, he lied to us all saying he is being hounded out..if he moves to arsenal or anyother english club, he has lied to us all..arsenal might be in the champions league but will they win it?…nope..they have never really been close to winning it. we are a team in europe noone wants to play..ask real madrid and barcalona, are fans are the best..no london club can match them..infact i donot think anyone can..torres was bad owen worse, but suarez will be hated if after all the backing the fans, the club and mostly kenny dalglish..if he wants to go then wait till next year to see were we are..if he cannot wait then madrid or any team outside the prem..he owes everyone at liverpool the fans, and club..but most of all he owes it to himself ….

  3. sammiemutai July 10, 2013 at 5:09 pm #

    suarez shouldn’t make us bitter,but instead better.But should keep in mind liverpool is grater than anyone. ynwa.

  4. Flying Pig July 10, 2013 at 6:39 pm #

    Suarez is the type of player to relish the booing if he returned to Anfield while playing for a new club. Player loyalty is dead. We see it everywhere and our two new Spanish players will be no different. The Champions League has created an elite group of clubs and it has damaged the structure of the game. If a great club like LFC cannot hold on to players then smaller clubs have no chance to improve. Top four will again be between MU. MC, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs. We wont be close to it, especially if Suarez leaves.

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