No Way To Treat Reina

31 Jul

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No Way To Treat Reina


Reina came out the other day in an open letter to Liverpool supporters to explain his leaving of the club and express his displeasure at the way his move was handled by the club. Reina explained that he was happy to stay at Liverpool and fight for his place and would even have been happy to extend his stay at Liverpool.


But he claims that his loan move away from Anfield to Napoli was conducted without his knowledge. Many people believe Reina was trying to instigate a move to Barcelona earlier in the summer, but that fell through when Victor Valdes announced that he was staying at the Nou Camp.


Reina has been Liverpool’s number one goalkeeper for a very long time and has arguably been rated as the best Liverpool goalkeeper in the club’s history. Reina has been the perfect professional during his stay at Anfield during such turbulent times with a change of ownership and a revolving manager’s door. The Spaniard has showed superb consistency during his spell at Liverpool although his standards had slipped slightly in the last couple of seasons.


Reina has been Liverpool’s Player of the Year, he has captained the team, and has broken records for the Reds.


But after eight years service, Reina claims Liverpool shipped him out behind his back and he feels, in his words, he “deserved better than that.”


The alarm bells were ringing when Liverpool paid big money for Sunderland’s Simon Mignolet. Brendan Rodgers claimed his signing was for competition for the goalkeeper’s jersey. But Liverpool don’t have the money to pay big money for a back-up goalkeeper and it was obvious Reina was going to leave.


In fairness to Rodgers he didn’t want to be stung again like last summer when he was left without many strikers after loaning Carroll out to West Ham at the end of the transfer window. Reina was rumoured to be looking for a move back to Spain and Barcelona in particular, and Rodgers was making sure that he was going to bring in a goalkeeper before losing one. I don’t agree with Rodgers’ reason for buying Mignolet as competition for the goalkeeper’s position, Rodgers and the club should have been honest and explained that they wanted to cut the wage bill and they should have showed more respect to a tremendous servant to the club.


But with Reina’s move to Spain falling through Rodgers was left with two top class goalkeepers and one had to go, no way could it be Mignolet after his recent big money arrival, and Reina was reportedly Liverpool’s second highest earner at Liverpool and Liverpool’s recent managerial strategy is to cut the wage bill, so Reina had to go.



It is strange how Liverpool have treated a man like Reina who has never let the club down so badly, while they are basically pleading on their hands and knees to keep Suarez who has never been out of trouble since his arrival to Anfield.


Both players have great values, but only one seems worthy of fighting for, disappointingly Reina was surplus to requirements for all his ability and sevice to the club. But Reina’s exit from Liverpool deserved to be more dignified.


Liverpool are looking for loyalty from Suarez, where Reina looked for loyalty from Liverpool.


One thing is for sure Reina will always have a place in the hearts of Liverpool supporters.



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9 Responses to “No Way To Treat Reina”

  1. Andy (@FightNightatJoe) July 31, 2013 at 10:23 pm #

    I feel like you’re missing the mark here by a lot. As Reina himself, in another letter, specified, he still had to sign off on the loan deal to Napoli. But the big thing for me is that Reina can’t not be loyal to Liverpool, but expect loyalty. Yes, Reina has been great for the club and loyal to it for a long time. And I love him for it. But he and his agent were very eager on a Barcelona move and he openly flirted with Barca in the media. I can’t blame him for wanting to play for Barca, but when he flirted with another club, wanting to be sold to it, he can’t blame the club for going ahead and replacing him. He can’t expect the club to stay loyal to him once he’s broken his loyalty. What LFC did was smart and shrewd. And of course they couldn’t say “no, these two can’t be here together” when they bought Mignolet, because that would have made everyone aware that they were desperate to offload Reina and his salary. I don’t think either part has done anything wrong in this, but when it comes to breaking the loyalty, Reina did it first.

  2. Paulo July 31, 2013 at 10:29 pm #

    He was ready to quit when he thought Barcelona were interested making every effort to whore himself to them,so as a contingency Rodgers bought a replacement so that they wouldn’t be left looking stupid! He has been a good keeper, terrible with crosses but excellent in all other areas til the last 2 yrs where he seems to have been concentrating on his pecs and biceps rather than improving as a Valdez decided to see out his contract, tough luck Pepe, on your way to Italy my Douglas Adams would say “so long and thanks for all the fishing the ball out of the net”

  3. Johnny July 31, 2013 at 11:08 pm #

    Certainly nowhere near the best we ever had.
    Loyalty, where was Pepe’s Loyalty while his agent and his Dad were mouthing all over the Spanish papers how he wanted to return to Barca. He gambled and he lost, maybe he will get his move next year when Valdez moves on, but he has no one to blame but himself for his predicament.

  4. Billious August 1, 2013 at 12:28 am #

    What a load of bollox. Reina put himself in the frame for the Barcelona keeper position but because the didn’t come in for him and Rodgers had gone and signed his replacement it’s somehow Liverpools fault. You’d have all been screaming from the rooftops if he had left and all we had was Jones as no 1. Just as it was with the Carroll situation last season. You reap what you sow.

  5. Damo August 1, 2013 at 12:50 am #

    Rubbish! If Barça come in for him, he’ll be gone quicker than your tears if Mignolet proves a success!

  6. Scouser abroad August 1, 2013 at 1:17 am #

    Whilst I appreciate that Pepe has been a fantastic servant to the club, lets not forget that if Barca came calling he would have gone. Now I don’t blame him for that but lets put this into perspective. No player is bigger than the club, Reina would have walked and we have found a replacement. He can’t have it both ways. I love Pepe and he will always be a legend but that’s fottball and we move on. Good luck Pepe in your new club you will always be welcome at Anfield.

    Whilst writing I just have one question, what has happened to this so called transfer committee? If they have identified our summer targets then why haven’t we bid for them yet or got them in to give them time to bed down.? Surely what we have got to date can’t be what these guys have identified as being able to turn our club into a top 4 contender??? Let’s pull our fingers out get in who we need and have a crack at a top 4 finish this season.


  7. bigfella2007 August 1, 2013 at 9:14 am #

    I can’t agree with the loyalty thing. He’s been an excellent servant for Liverpool, I agree. But he left Liverpool in a position that they couldn’t get out of. He said if an offer came in from Barcelona, he would go. That’s like putting yourself in the shop window. There have been rumours abound for months regarding Barca & Reina. And it was only a matter of time. He also said if an offer didn’t come, he would love to stay at Anfield. Gee Thanks Pepe! What if we had waited and an offer came in on the final day of the transfer window…and he went. We would have been left with Brad Jones as our No1! Brendan Rodgers did the right thing and protected the squad. Mignolet might have cost £20 million on the final day of transfer window. Pepe wanted to remain at Liverpool as long as Barcelona didn’t come in for him. You can’t run a club that way. Unfortunately, Barca didn’t come in for him, but Liverpool had to progress. I wish Pepe all the best in wherever he goes, I know he will achieve wherever he is.

  8. Joemart13 August 1, 2013 at 11:40 am #

    Absolute disagree! Imaho, am pleased et honoured for a temporary exit cos he despise me for almost 5yr. Reina has been pathetically appalled since then. He’s cost us 4 not getting T4 since those periods. We don’t owe him any pardden. He rather thought of an exit et we’ve granted he his dream wish of exit. If any blame then it shld be valdes who decided 2 stay.

  9. d4nielbritt August 1, 2013 at 3:14 pm #

    I’m sure there was a lot more going on with Reina to Barcelona than what got into the media. Rodgers absolutely did the right thing by finding Mignolet. What did Reina want? A parade, a blow job or something? Rodgers did him a solid by finding a good deal for him at Napoli. Champions league play on a good side with the manager who has done the most for him in Reina’s career? In a world cup year? Win, win, win… Get off your high horse Reina. You got caught flirting with the pretty girl and wound up with your old girlfriend who lost 30 pounds and got new boobs.

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