Hasten The Hillsborough Inquiry

16 Sep

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Hasten The Hillsborough Inquiry


A year on from the original verdict of accidental death being declared false regarding the Hillsborough disaster and things are not moving very quickly, which isn’t surprising considering that it took 23 years to overturn the original verdict.


The inquiry has managed to interview 1% of the police officers whose original statements were mysteriously altered. At this rate the inquiry is going to take another lifetime with no one left alive who was at the match that fateful day, never mind those responsible.


We have already sadly lost John Glover and Anne Williams in the last year, who fought relentlessly for justice of the 96 and we don’t want to lose more before those responsible are brought to justice.


Managing to interview just three policeman in a year seems ridiculous and you just ask the question, “Why is it taking so long ?” The answer could be that it’s been established that the 96 deaths weren’t accidental , so that’s cleared everything up, so there is no rush to find the evidence just for the detail of who exactly is responsible.


164 police statements from the day had been changed before being presented to the first panel, most of them to remove anything negative about police behaviour. What we didn’t know until this week is that the figure is unfair to the police, because it turns out that they altered 238, and they changed the statements of 90 supporters as well.


This fact reassures you that if you have to give a statement to the police then they will amend any errors you have made at a later date, giving you peace of mind.


We also know the police conducted a campaign to blacken the name of the supporters by making up stories about them to the press. A certain story they informed to the Sun newspaper about people looting from the dead bodies after the disaster, which the Sun printed on its front page, causing outrage. The police failed to mention to the Sun that the people stealing from the dead bodies was their colleagues who have admitted to putting the cash they “found” in their funds.


A larger sum of money was claimed by others including Norman Bettison, the policeman who’s been named by colleagues as the person allegedly responsible for spreading the slanderous stories about the supporters to the press.


Bettison had the audacity to make a claim to the Hillsborough Victims Fund for money to buy a holiday home for officers, because they were present on that day and claimed that they were also victims of the tragedy.


Bettison claimed that he was forced to resign, but his pension of a million pounds will remain intact, along with his knighthood. It beggars belief how untouchable this man is with so many wrong doings coming to light about this man with such a title for his great service to the force. Well he obviously looked after his colleagues well and protected them to earn his sizeable pension and impressive title.


The new investigation is now in the hands of the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which is ironically run by John Stoddard, whose previous job was chief of police.


The supporters were the heroes that day not the villains that they were tarnished with for so long, and now that the truth is out, they deserve to know the result of the Hillsborough Inquiry sooner rather than later and the speed things are moving at in the first year of this inquiry needs to be hastened before we lose more people who deserve justice through the passing of time.







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