Don’t Put All The Blame On The Supporters

6 Sep

Don’t Put All The Blame On The Supporters


Liverpool’s famous Anfield atmosphere is being criticised in recent years for not producing the noise and vocal support that frightened the opposition. But times have changed in football over the years, like the famous wall of faces that frightened the visiting goalkeeper as he stood in front of the Kop trying to defend the goal against the many thousands that on many occasion sucked the ball into the net.

The die-hard working class Scouser can’t afford to go anymore and the global fan-base, has now made Anfield a tourist attraction with supporters taking photos of the famous arena and sitting in their seat waiting to be entertained.

I was one of those ‘tourists’ last weekend, that doesn’t get to many games, like many, due to a number of reasons, like finding it almost impossible to get match day tickets, never mind the affordability in paying for them.

Last Saturday was a great example of why the atmosphere is suffering at Anfield and it is not all down to the changes affecting the Liverpool support.

Last Saturday the supporters had very little to cheer about and although the team needs the supporters to back them and lift them when they are struggling, they need some encouragement from what they are seeing from the players, and in the last year or so, there has not been much for Liverpool supporters to cheer about Anfield.

Last Saturday there was nothing from the Liverpool team that inspired the supporters to get behind their team as the players showed no desire, understanding and a lethargic attitude that plagued the end of last season’s performances.

When Liverpool were in the title race a couple of season’s ago, the supporters were magnificent and proved that they can still provide the famous Anfield atmosphere, but they need the team to help, and they have been very poor at home in the last year, so people shouldn’t be laying all the blame on the supporters because they are not getting much to cheer about at Anfield these days.



2 Responses to “Don’t Put All The Blame On The Supporters”

  1. Jenni-Mark Blackhall September 6, 2015 at 4:29 pm #

    Too many ‘out of Townies’ getting hold of the tickets. Years ago the Kop was full of Scouse characters and good humour; win or lose it was a good laugh…. Not anymore though; now it’s full of moaning Southerners eating their hot dogs and sporting their jarg hair cuts… They’re the ones to blame for the rot setting in!!!!

    It’s simple really; if the club wants the atmosphere to improve then lets see it sell its tickets to Scoucers FIRST!!! Scoucers have passion, a no surrender attitude and civic pride – we are the indigenous originals; things ye can’t buy from the club shop and wear before kick off!!!!!

  2. RoyK September 6, 2015 at 5:31 pm #

    Am sorry, but I have to disagree with you. You say that the supporters need the team to perform, I say that the team needs the supporters to lift them up when the going is tough. Imagine you aren’t playing well, and in the section near your position, you hear 1) nothing, 2) a murmer of discontent or 3) a united shout of encouragement. What will lift you up? When the team is playing well, they hardly need a vociferous support, don’t they?

    Players will come and go. Managers will be replaced. Supporters will stay on.

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