Que Sera, Sera

26 Sep

Que Sera, Sera


Liverpool face Aston Villa today at Anfield in a must win game for manager Brendan Rodgers. The pressure is intensifying after recent disappointing performances and results and the majority of supporters have lost faith in Rodgers turning things around, especially after Wednesday night’s penalty shoot-out win over lowly Carlisle in the Capital One Cup.

I am one of the many that would like to see Rodgers replaced and the names of Klopp and Ancelotti as possible replacements only encourage me to see our manager replaced sooner rather than later.

But the criticism of Rodgers has turned nasty recently and although we all think it is time for a change of manager with Rodgers looking more unlikely to change Liverpool’s fortunes around, he doesn’t deserve some of the disgusting treatment dished out by some keyboard warriors.

The supporters need to keep supporting the team and hopefully there are no masks of Klopp at Anfield today or planes with banners flying over the ground because the players need the fans’ support.

It is getting so ugly that many supporters are hoping Liverpool lose to accelerate the departure of Rodgers.

We have to keep supporting the team no matter who is in charge and if Rodgers can somehow, although unlikely turn things around, then great and if he doesn’t then surely the hierarchy will see sense and replace him but we have to back the team and whatever will be will be.




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