Rodgers Has To Accept Criticism

28 Sep

Rodgers Has To Accept Criticism


Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers came out fighting after his team’s 3-2 win over Aston Villa on Saturday.

“There has been a frenzy, there is no doubt about that, to get me out of here,” Rodgers said.

It is obvious Rodgers is not happy with some of the attention and criticism being aimed at him at the moment but what does he expect being manager of Liverpool Football Club.

Rodgers has to expect criticism, especially when results and performances are not the best and there will always be speculation regarding potential managers.

It is believed that Rodgers is having a go at former players who have disappointed him with some of their comments but many of these ex-players are now working in the media and expected to give opinions about their former club on a regular basis, so they are just doing their job and not instigating a witch hunt.

Most supporters have also lost faith in Rodgers and the win over Aston Villa will only act as a temporary reprieve unless he can string a run of positive results together like he did last season after the defeat at Old Trafford.

Rodgers has to have thicker skin and toughen up if he wants to continue being Liverpool manager because if he is starting to take offence to what others are saying then he is not man enough to manage Liverpool and no manager has ever been sacked by a “frenzy,” he is sacked because of results.


One Response to “Rodgers Has To Accept Criticism”

  1. geoffrey ganani September 28, 2015 at 6:58 pm #

    Is Rodgers guilty?why is he nervy?in the last 5 games,what pattern was he testing?in the last 3 yrs,31 players worth 300m,& only 4 r good.what a waste?shud we keep quiet?buying & taking players on loan.isn’t this madness?compare his buys 2 other teams.they’re very do u compare shevley,markovic,illori,etc 2 Joe Allen,I’ve,lovren & kola you’re?his decisions r myopic.let people air their views don’t b too sensitive.
    Geoffrey ganani

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