Liverpool Striker Struggling

15 Oct

Liverpool Striker Struggling

Jurgen Klopp has transformed Liverpool in only one year in charge.

Two cup finals and a tremendous start to this season has Reds fans enthusiastic for the rest of this season.

Most of the players in Klopp’s squad seem to be singing off the same hymn sheet with their high tempo and energetic performances.

But one player is struggling to fit into Klopp’s style of play, and that man is Daniel Sturridge.

In fairness to Sturridge he missed a large part of last season through injury that left him playing catch up into acclimatising to Klopp’s intense training and playing style.

In recent seasons Sturridge has been Liverpool’s number one striker but Klopp has a different view and the England striker has been left frustrated sitting on the bench for more games than he would like.

Sturridge is a fantastic finisher and a tremendous striker but I think Klopp isn’t too keen on his work rate.

The German wants his players to work hard and put in a lot of running and it is noticeable that Sturridge hasn’t been as industrious as some of his teammates.

It might be the fact that all his injury problems have taken their toll on his body and that he is unable to push himself as hard as he used to, or it might be a mental problem, where he is worried about breaking down again.

Whatever the problem is, you don’t see Sturridge sprinting behind the last defender or running flat out very often and it is costing him a regular place in the team.

Roberto Firmino looks as if he is Klopp’s preffered choice to lead Liverpool’s attack because his work rate is amazing and although he isn’t as clinical a finisher as Sturridge, he contributes more for the team.

It will be interesting if Sturridge plays on Monday against Manchester United.

Personally I think if everyone is fit then Sturridge will once again be left disappointed sitting on the bench.

Can Sturridge evolve his game to fit into Klopp’s team ?

Time will tell.


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