Defeat Could Be Good For Liverpool

7 Dec

Defeat Could Be Good For Liverpool


Sunday’s collapse at Bournemouth left everyone connected with Liverpool disappointed, but now that the dust has settled and the healing process underway, the defeat might just be a good thing for the Reds.

I don’t think Klopp has been getting carried away with his team’s good form, but maybe some of his players have been, and many supporters have been dreaming again of winning the title, and this defeat has brought everyone down to earth with a bump.

There was a sense of complacency on Sunday that the result was a formality after Liverpool stormed into a 2-0 lead at half-time before keeping their two goal lead with a 3-1 score well into the second half, before disaster struck.

It was a stark reminder that the game is never over until the final whistle and the defeat will give Liverpool a reality check that they need to work until the very end to earn a win in this league.

If Liverpool go on another long undefeated run like they did after their last league defeat away to Burnley at the start of the season, then supporters will be quite happy, time will tell if they can, but although they lost the game, they still played very well and dominated the game for long periods.

The next fixture for Liverpool is a home game against West Ham and with respect to the Hammers, it is probably a good fixture to bounce back from and get back on track again.

Although Sunday’s defeat is still raw and still hurts, it could be the kick up the backside we need.




2 Responses to “Defeat Could Be Good For Liverpool”

  1. Martin December 7, 2016 at 10:37 am #

    I couldn’t disagree more. Fair enough, sometimes a team needs a spark and that may come from a defeat where they were disjointed, disconnected, dis-everything from the KO.

    This defeat though, is a different trade. Not only did we manage to run ahead 2-0, we managed to extend our lead upon Bournemouth’s opener. To lose from a 2 goal lead with 16 minutes to go won’t bring anything.

    And even if we go on a winning streak from now on (which we won’t, we’ll struggle to win any game on this side of New Year’s) we will crumble again once pressure mounts.

    I love Klopp, rate him extremly high but it remains a fact we’re just as mentally fragile we ever were under GH, Rafa, Dalglish, Rodgers and, had he got more time, Hodgson.

    I don’t kno how to stop the rot but it’s plain obvious that for all the qualities our CM possess, bullying the center of the park isn’t one of them.

    This defeat will come back to haunt us.

  2. paulonbooks December 7, 2016 at 2:03 pm #

    The defeat came through faults we already knew about. Some will be addressed with the return of Matip but the keeper situation remains a major concern.

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