My Whirlwind 24 Hours 

8 Dec

I live in Scotland and getting down to Liverpool games is very difficult for me, between family commitments and financial reasons curtailing my chances, never mind the difficulty in getting match day tickets, I’d love to go more often.

But on Wednesday night I was fortunate enough to attend my first Liverpool game this year, this was my first game since the 3-0 win over Villarreal in the Europa League semi-final last year.

I booked a hotel a couple of months ago for Wednesday night in the hope that I could find a couple of tickets for the Spartak Moscow game, I chose this fixture because I knew I wasn’t working and because European nights at Anfield are special.

As time went on and the closer it got to the Spartak fixture, I wondered if I would be lucky enough to get tickets so that I could take my daughter with me to the game.

I got in touch with a guy that said he could get me tickets a couple of months ago, but earlier this week he couldn’t get me two tickets together, so I had virtually given up hope of travelling down.

To make things more awkward for me I had the option of working an overtime nightshift on Tuesday, and after sensing that I wouldn’t be getting tickets, I committed myself to working the nightshift.

Then on the Monday night I messaged a friend to see if he could help me find a couple of tickets as a final attempt, although I had basically given up hope in all honesty.

So on the Tuesday after having a long-lie in bed because I was working nightshift, I got out of bed about lunch time and checked my phone, and with great surprise I noticed that my friend had messaged me to tell me that he could get me a couple of tickets.

So I quickly checked that my daughter wanted to go and messaged him back to tell him I wanted the tickets.

I was so happy at the thought of getting tickets for the game, but I had to work a 12 hour nightshift first, thankfully it wasn’t too bad a shift and after a few hours sleep we headed down to Liverpool after my daughter finished college at lunchtime.

I knew it was going to be a rush to get down to Liverpool and meet up for the tickets before the 7.45 kick-off.

But after racing down the M6 we got to our hotel just after 6, then dumped our bags and got a taxi up to the Twelfth Man pub where we met my friend.

After downing a couple of pints we took our place on the Kop.

We couldn’t have picked a better match to go to and within a couple of minutes we were cheering as Coutinho slotted home the first goal of the night from the penalty spot.

I tried to sing along to some of the songs being sung but my voice was giving up before half-time and having to cheer a further four goals in the second half didn’t help my poor vocal chords.

But what a game, we both left the ground beaming with happiness before realising that finding a taxi would be virtually impossible, so we headed down the hill towards the city talking about the game as we walked before waving a taxi down that took us back to our hotel.

We arrived back to our hotel about 10.45 both starving after not having time to eat the whole day, so my next mission was to find a takeaway, and after a bit of a search and quite a walk I finally found one and when I got back to the hotel we scoffed our food like we had never seen food before.

We left the hotel around 10 the next morning and drove to Formby to visit my old friend that still goes to Liverpool games at the age of 90.

After a bit of lunch generously provided by my good friend, we headed back home to Scotland.

It was a hectic and very tiring 24 hours, but well worth it and I could probably go to another 100 Liverpool games and not see them score 7 goals despite them already managing this twice this season.

But my daughter and I feel very lucky to have witnessed another great European night at Anfield and it will live long in our memory.


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