Do You Agree With Warm Weather Training?

29 Jan

Liverpool’s exit in this season’s FA Cup has freed up some extra time for Jurgen Klopp’s players, and last week they took advantage of having no game last weekend by taking a warm weather break to Dubai.

Warm weather breaks are common nowadays with many teams taking advantage of an extended break during the season to re-charge the batteries.

A trip away to somewhere warmer at this time of year sounds like a great idea where the weather is better for training, but is it really a good idea?

Teams never took trips to the sun in the old days, they trained here in this country, in the weather that they had to play in.

Yes, the sunshine does lift everyone’s spirits and makes people feel better, but, is the change of weather good for the players?

Three or four days training in the warm weather is stark contrast to the cold conditions players can expect to play in a British winter.

How many times do you come back from a holiday and end up with a miserable, heavy cold due to the change in climate.

Players are no different to us and it would be interesting to know if this climate change has affected one of Liverpool’s most important players Virgil van Dijk this week.

Because reports have suggested that the big defender is struggling with illness ahead of tomorrow night’s important clash against Leicester City at Anfield.

I wonder if the change has contributed to van Dijk’s illness?

It’s just a personal view that I’m not all for sunshine training breaks that are a stark contrast to playing conditions that players have to play in here.

Call me old fashioned but I’d be interested to hear your views on this subject.


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