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YNWA At 50

12 Oct

YNWA At 50


You’ll Never Walk Alone was written by Oscar Hammerstein for the Broadway musical “Carousel” in 1945. But the version we are more familiar with first appeared in the charts on the 12th October 1963 and eventually topped the charts.


It is hard to believe that this classic song is 50 years old but what a song it has been with its association with Liverpool Football Club. Whenever you hear Gerry and the Pacemakers classic song on the radio it just makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.


The song is so passionate and is the most famous footballing anthem in the world. The words in the song have so much meaning and the Liverpool supporters have inspired so many great Liverpool performances over the years with their own rendition.


The words in the song mean so much to me and I’ll try and explain what they mean to me and to Liverpool Football Club.


“When you walk through a storm”


Life is tough and it can be stormy but you have to keep going no matter how hard it gets. I have a severely autistic child and my dad took a stroke the day after Liverpool won the Carling Cup last season and I’ve found life really tough in the last year or so.


Liverpool continue to walk through tough times as they strive for justice from the Hillsborough tragedy and struggle to bring back the glory days from the seventies and the eighties.


“Hold your head up high”


You need to keep your pride and self-respect and keep your chin up when things are tough.


I just try to carry on with life as best as I can by helping my family as much as I can. I visit my dad almost every day to keep his spirits up and I try to spend as much time with my kids as possible.


Liverpool have continued their great work ethic for success as the y pride themselves as one of the world’s biggest football clubs.


“And don’t be afraid of the dark”


Don’t be afraid of the uncertainty that the future brings.


I worry about my kids growing up, especially my disabled son who now lives in residential care since leaving school in the summer. My father is frail after surviving a stroke and I know his time is limited so I’m trying to spend as much time with him as I can but I fear the inevitability of the “dark”.


The future is uncertain and the longer Liverpool miss out on Champions League football then harder it will be for Liverpool to bring back the glory days.


“At the end of the storm”


Things may be bad, but there will be an end to the torment eventually.


Life is full of changes and although I’m extremely busy in my daily life I know that it will change in the future as my kids grow up and my dad’s time runs out.


Liverpool have not won the league for over 20 years but that time will end in the future because Liverpool will win again. The Hillsborough families will also get justice after such a long wait.


“There’s a golden sky”


There is light at the end of the tunnel. After all the pain and struggle there will be a new dawn with a fresh start.


I dread losing my parents but I know that it will be the beginning of a new chapter in my life where I can focus on my children growing up.


When Liverpool win their next league title it will begin another chapter of success for the club. The Hillsborough inquest will bring those responsible to justice.


“And the sweet song of the lark”


The storm is over and the dark is past, you can now appreciate the calm after the storm.


I will appreciate the difficult chapter that has past and enjoy a slower pace of life with hopefully less stress than I have at the moment.


Liverpool winning will not only have the “lark” singing but the supporters singing as the silverware returns to Anfield.


“Walk on through the wind”


You must be determined to keep going, keep battling.


I will continue to fight and be strong through this tough time although I do get tired.


Liverpool will continue to improve in their quest for success and so do the Hillsborough families in their fight for justice.


“Walk on through the rain”


“Though your dreams be tossed and blown”


You may have to take three steps back before you can take a step forward in the quest to achieve your goal.


I’ve suffered many setbacks with my parents’ business going under and my mother surviving cancer and my eldest son being disabled and my father suffering a stroke but I keep the dream of my kids being healthy and successful and Liverpool winning the league again.


Liverpool have suffered many setbacks since their last league success but after the disastrous ownership of Hicks and Gillette Liverpool are heading in the right direction as they dream of winning the league again.


“Walk on, walk on”


Just take one step at a time.


I will try to slowly improve my life.


Liverpool are making small steps in the right direction.


“With hope in your heart”


Hope comes from within. It comes from your heart. If you have hope it will keep you going.


Hope keeps me going, the hope my kids will be successful, the hope my eldest son improves and the hope that I’m helping my dad cope with his disability.


Liverpool hope to be successful again and that is driving the club on.


“And you’ll never walk alone”


You won’t struggle alone you have friends and family who will help you.


I appreciate my family and how they help me cope with my tiredness and worries. I will never walk alone.


Win or lose Liverpool Football Club will never walk alone supported by the greatest supporters in the world.


Here’s to another 50 years of the greatest song ever made.


You’ll Never Walk Alone


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Anfield Legend

18 May


Anfield Legend

Legend is a word that is used far too often these days to describe footballers, but Jamie Carragher deserves to be described as one. Carragher is a one club man, which is very rare in modern day football and he has played over 700 games for Liverpool making him second only to Ian Callaghan in most appearances for the club.

Carragher is a product of Liverpool’s Academy and gained early success with the club when he won the FA Youth Cup in 1996. He made his professional debut in the 1996-97 season and became a regular the following season. Carragher was used in a variety of positions in his early days, mostly at full back. But former manager Rafa Benitez preferred him as a centre back and partnered him alongside former Kop favourite Sami Hyypia and Carragher became one of the best centre backs in Europe.

Jamie Carragher has collected many trophies in his time at Liverpool, winning the League Cup 3 times, the FA Community Shield twice, the UEFA Super Cup twice, the FA Cup twice, the UEFA Cup and the UEFA Champions League.

Carragher’s biggest regret was not being able to win the Premiership with Liverpool, but you can’t have everything he has done not too badly as far as medal collecting goes. He was a key member in Liverpool’s remarkable 2001 treble winning season and his performance in Istanbul will be talked about for ever by Liverpool supporters as he put his body on the line time after time to keep the Italians out even though his body was in agony.

Carragher’s ability was appreciated at international level, 38 times he appeared for England. But he should have had more caps, but his versatility was his downfall as he was used in a variety of positions with England instead of his best position at centre back.

Carragher gave 110% in every game no matter what the score was and he was an example to everyone in his team. He not only was a tremendous defender and reader of the game, but his organisational skills were vital to Liverpool’s defence with his constant shouting and instructing to his colleagues in defence. Earlier this season Carragher had to watch most matches from the bench as Skrtel and Agger were the preferred partnership in defence as Carragher’s age became a factor. But Brendan Rodgers noticed that Liverpool’s defence needed a leader and communicator at the back as Liverpool were conceding too many goals and he brought Carragher back into the side and Liverpool have never looked backed in a great run of form in the latter part of the season as Liverpool’s defence became one of the meanest in the league, thanks to Carragher.

It is amazing how many times Carragher has been written off in recent years, experts have said he is getting too slow to play at the highest level, but Carragher just kept proving everyone wrong and no more than in this season when for the last 18 months or so, he has been used sparingly. But since his comeback into the team he has been outstanding and it is great to see him retire at the top and as a regular in the team.

Jamie Carragher is appreciated by the Liverpool supporters in song with the title “We All Dream Of A Team Of Carraghers” and now Liverpool will have a gaping hole in their defence trying to replace such a great defender like Carragher will not be an easy task for Brendan Rodgers, and as Steven Gerrard said recently that he wouldn’t like Brendan Rodgers’ job of replacing the great man.

Jamie Carragher will be forever known as a Liverpool Legend and he will never walk alone.

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