96 Red Angels

13 Sep

96 Red Angels

On a week where the truth about Hillsborough has finally came to light

What a shock to the country at the extent of the cover up

Where 96 poor souls died at a football match

Those poor souls who never returned will never be forgotten

They had hope in their hearts and now they never walk alone

The Reds will carry on playing for these 96 angels with hope in their heart

23 years ago King Kenny led Liverpool through those dark days


Kenny carried the city of Liverpool

The Reds triumphed for the 96 angels in the final that year
Just like Shankly and Paisley they will never be forgotten

Etched in the fabric that is the history of this famous club

The 96 angels have made this club stronger

The fight for justice and the truth of that fateful day

The cover up

The lies

The blame on Liverpool supporters

But this club stood firm

The family that is Liverpool Football Club is unique

With more history than any other club

There have been many triumphs and disasters

But Liverpool will go on making history

This week provides another chapter


One of togetherness and what Liverpool supporters will fight for


When the odds are stacked against them

At last the families have won their fight against corruption


Now everyone knows the truth


The fight for justice will begin


But at long last the 96 Angels can rest in peace

You Will Never Walk Alone


One Response to “96 Red Angels”

  1. Omensa September 13, 2012 at 11:20 pm #

    The only truth: one bright early evenning,the fucking fa decided to conspire about the dimise of lfc. With our visionary chairman who knew the ploy of the battle field which the tragedy could be prevented by the fa but the fa insisted oh nothing will happen so they left lfc with no option than to obey the command. Not lfc knowing the fa has instructed the police to overload the ground n later blame the innocent lfc family of being responsibly. The unexpected tragedy happen n they faulted lfc n never realized the truth will come out.so the innocent dead souls of lfc pushed the entire lfc family to cry out for justice to does its job. This pushed the fa n his commerance to bury the truth. Due to the strong bondage between lfc the #96 innocent souls it decifer the ‘ secret truth to be uncealed and disclose. This has probably sanctify n purify the souls of the #96 and they all spell out shame u damn fa and the police authority of the game. Not conceal will be disclose in the eyes of the righteous.

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