Rebuilding More Important Than Results

11 Oct

Rebuilding More Important Than Results

They football management is a result’s based business, and mostly it is, but in Liverpool’s case this season, the rebuilding of the team is the most important thing if Liverpool want to get back to where they should be.

The owners have brought in a new young manager in Brendan Rodgers and they need to stick to their promise of giving him time, regardless of how results go on the pitch. The American owners have went for a different approach for success after previously bringing in the legend that was Kenny Dalglish, and also by giving him money to spend for instant success.

The success they looked for wasn’t achieved by Dalglish and now they are looking at a different approach with a young manager who likes to play an attractive type of football that suits the Liverpool support.

Brendan Rodgers has endured a tough start to his Liverpool career in the Anfield hot seat as Liverpool has made their worst to a season since 1911. But the supporters are magnificent at Liverpool and they are still backing him and singing his name during games.

The style of play Rodgers is trying to install in his team and the use of many youngsters in the first team has encouraged the supporters to back their manager. Players like Sterling, Wisdom and Suso, who all started against Stoke last Sunday has excited the Kop even if the results haven’t.

Many other youngsters have received game time from Rodgers too this season, Robinson, Coates, Pacheco, Morgan, Assaidi, but to name a few others. There is a wealth of talent coming through the youth sides at Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers is going to give these players a chance in the first team.

But it will take time for the youngsters to step up to the rigours of Premiership football on a consistent basis and everybody has to appreciate that as results will fluctuate. But the experience and the gelling of this new Liverpool team will be invaluable for the future as Liverpool aim to get back to where they should be challenging for the Premiership title.

The problem at a club like Liverpool is that they should be challenging every year and only positive results will do and in recent years the poor results has cost managers their jobs as the managers door at Anfield has become a revolving door.

There is a change of attitude by the owners in hiring Rodgers and now I think they realise that they made need to take one step back to go two steps forward, and for once Liverpool will sacrifice results to achieve long term progression in this team’s style of play and introduction of youngsters.

Liverpool supporters are intelligent enough to realise that this is a new era under a new young manager in Brendan Rodgers, and he will be here for a long time to see his footballing philosophy flourish.


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