Rodgers Not Questioning Integrity

29 Dec

Rodgers Not Questioning Integrity


Brendan Rodgers insists his remarks about referee Lee Mason after Liverpool’s loss to Manchester City were not meant as an attack on the official’s integrity. Rodgers questioned the appointment of a Greater Manchester referee to the Reds’ clash against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium.


Rodgers was understandably frustrated after losing to City in a game where his team deserved to take something from after a terrific performance.


Rodgers claimed that he was trying to make a valid point and did not intend to slight Mason.


Rodgers said “In terms of geography, I certainly wasn’t questioning the integrity of referees. I fully understand the job. It was more than logical (as a comment) in terms of having a referee from that part of the world refereeing a game in Manchester.”


Rodgers added that “I wouldn’t expect Mike Dean, from the Wirral, has refereed many games for Liverpool over the years.”


Rodgers explained his frustration over referee Lee Mason’s performance by saying “I think it was continuous throughout the game – the decision-making being poor. I think there was evidence of that.”


Rodgers may be charged by the FA as they look for an explanation into the Liverpool manager’s comments but Rodgers has every right to feel frustrated over Mason’s poor performance which contributed to Liverpool’s defeat.


Brendan Rodgers is right to defend his team and his club when he feels a referee has performed poorly and not protected his players and made so many bad decisions during a game.


The biggest decision that went against Rodgers’ team was Sterling’s goal in the first half that was ruled out wrongly for offside.


But Rodgers also felt that his players were not receiving enough protection from some of the City players’ challenges, Suarez got some rough treatment from Kompany and Lescott and this angered Rodgers because they mostly escaped punishment and ironically Suarez received a yellow card late in the match which looked extremely harsh.


It wouldn’t surprise me if the FA charge Rodgers for his comments as they have been heavy handed in recent times with their punishments relating to Liverpool Football Club’s misdemeanours.


In my opinion Rodgers’ comments are hardly equal to some of Sir Alex Ferguson’s regular rants at officials that seemed to go mostly unpunished. But there are rules for some and rules for others.


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