Carragher Says “The FA Need To Revive The FA Cup”

6 Jan

Carragher Says “The FA Need to Revive The FA Cup”


Liverpool Legend Jamie Carragher says the FA Cup needs to be freshened up to bring back the glory of the FA Cup. Carragher reckons that Replays are a waste of time and put unnecessary strain on players.


Semi-final clashes must be played at a neutral venue with Wembley saved for the showpiece.


The Champions League, Premier League and League Cup have evolved over the last 20 years – the FA Cup hasn’t.


Carragher explained how the FA Cup used to stimulate great excitement during his childhood and that from the first week in January he dreamt of his boyhood favourites “Everton” lifting the cup.


His two FA Cup successes during his glittering career with Liverpool are very special to Carragher but he feels that clubs don’t put the competition top of their list of priorities as the money in the game has made league position top priority.


Carragher is right with his comments about the FA Cup, the competition is way down the list of priorities with clubs and supporters alike with the money involved in a team’s league position holding more importance.


It would be better if the FA Cup ties were a one-off tie with the match going to extra-time and penalties to decide the outcome instead of ties going to replays which hit supporters in the pocket in this tough financial climate we find ourselves in.


Semi- finals being played at Wembley is just the FA trying to play as many games as possible at their “new Wembley” and make as much money from it as possible.


But the day of the FA Cup final has to be changed and make it the last game of the domestic season to put all the focus and attention on the competition’s showpiece.


In recent years there has been league fixtures coinciding with the FA Cup final and this should never happen.


The FA needs to have a serious think about their famous competition and not just be content with it surviving on its history.


Hopefully Carragher’s comments about the FA Cup are heard by the FA because it is so sad to see it devalued in these modern times.


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