When The Heart Goes, The Manager Must Go

13 Sep

When The Heart Goes, The Manager Must Go


There is a crisis at Anfield right now, and even a win at Old Trafford yesterday would not have convinced me that things will improve with Brendan Rodgers in charge because Manchester United are not a great team and were there for the taking yesterday.

But the difference between United and Liverpool was they played with heart, they were sharper to every ball and Liverpool were well off the pace. The attitude stemmed from Rodgers setting a team out to play for a 0-0 draw as the team showed no intent to get forward for the whole of the first half and only managed to get forward when United sat back after taking the lead.

Liverpool had a few chances to score in the period after United took the lead because their defence is fragile and it was ridiculous for Rodgers to set the team up so defensively and not put their defence under pressure until going behind.

It is stark contrast from last season’s 3-0 defeat at Old Trafford when Rodgers changed his tactics and had a real go at United and although Liverpool lost there were many positives that came out of the defeat with the United goalkeeper being named man of the match for his performance that day.

But yesterday’s defeat and performance by Liverpool was shocking with the players showing no heart and the manager showed he is scared of losing his job with his defensive tactics.

The defeat against West Ham was probably a worse performance than yesterday but the reaction and lack of a response from the team in such a big game is inexcusable and if a team has lost heart then it’s time for the manager to go, and Rodgers must go before the season is over for Liverpool.



4 Responses to “When The Heart Goes, The Manager Must Go”

  1. Alan Gan September 13, 2015 at 2:56 pm #

    Just when will FSG’s John Henry wake up and listen to the fans? When FSG bought over LFC. the fans were delighted because they believed in LFC’s great history.As it is. LFC has not really improved after 4 years of reign under Rodgers but they were would not even give that privilege & respect to Kenny Dalglish – a true icon & legend of LFC. Where is the respect they talked about? LFC is heading downwards now with BR’s type of mismanagement. What’s next?

  2. ps gill September 13, 2015 at 3:02 pm #

    BR does not care about our views he is egoistic and arrogant. Everyone from fans, experts, former LFC legends are all telling him to have 2 strikers upfront but NO BR is not going to listen to anyone unless he gets a call up from the owners . Fans are revolting against his style of coaching and play. Get him out before we Lose more matches. He destroy Balla by also having him as a sole striker and blaming him for not scoring. He will soon destroy Benetake by leaving him alone up front.

  3. Jack Thomas (@iamnothe) September 13, 2015 at 8:05 pm #

    The fact that Rodgers is still at the club after 3 years of failure, with no trophies, and over 300 million spent is an absolute joke. He’s the second longest serving Premier League manager but his tactics yesterday and against West Ham make him look like a caretaker manager at best. I’m not only judging Rodgers on his record but also on what he has publicly stated. Two things (of many) come to mind. 1. With regard to Tottenham’s spending, he said something along the lines of, “If you spend over 100 million, then you should be challenging for the title.” Well, we’ve done this two summers in a row and we weren’t close last year and we won’t be this year. 2. “Judge me after 3 years” (this is now his 4th year and Liverpool look worse than ever). I mean c’mon, this is his squad! He’s had the time and money to do what he wanted to do so there should be NO EXCUSES for why we’re in the current state we’re in. For his entire reign, we’ve known that the defence needed to be revamped. Yet after 3 years and 300 million spent, we’re at a point where we have an 18-year-old right-footed centre-back playing as a leftback! We also have Lovren, who after countless mistakes, is playing instead of Sakho! Why? What has Sakho done that he can’t even get a game. No good manager would still have Lovren (Agger was also better) starting. The defence was the only reason we lost the league during that one good season and now it looks as bad as ever, two years on! Again, where did the money ago? Perhaps the money went on dozens of players that he has played (or never played eg. Ilori) out of position and seemingly got rid of after they don’t play so well? Classic example would be Markovic and Sterling as wingbacks! Playing Ings and Firmno as wingers yesterday…what that’s that about? If he wants to play 433 then play with the wingers we do have: Ibe and Markovic (oh I forgot, he loaned him out after playing him OUT OF POSITION all season!). Also, 3 years and 300 million yet he has Lucas as regular starter (even before Henderson got injured) and this is after trying to sell him over the summer even though he later admitted that he’s our best defensive midfielder. Frankly, the transfers during his reign have been shambolic during his reign and 90% haven’t worked out or were played in the wrong position. And I thought Rodgers was supposed to improve players yet Markovic, Balotelli, Moreno, Allen, Sahin, Borini, Lovren, Aspas (just to name a few), have played worse for Liverpool than at any other time in their careers. Why Rodgers is still in power is beyond belief really. He’s living off the one good season where Suarez (not a Rodgers signing), Sturridge, and Sterling (not a Rodgers signing) got us to second, not Rodgers. I mean he could have got us to first had he fixed our defence but it ended up being our ultimate downfall and continues to be. I have so much more to say but I’ll stop rambling. For me, the one thing that sums up how clueless Rodgers is is Jordan Henderson. Most people knew he had potential yet Rodgers came in and tried to exchange him for Clint Dempsey in a deal where we still would have had to pay a fee. Henderson later proved himself through his own ability (not Rodgers) and became our captain. Things could have been so different but luckily Rodgers didn’t get his way!

    • prabhu puhan September 15, 2015 at 4:21 pm #

      It is been observed everyday and nothing to say.BR is not a coach to manage big clubs.He knows how to keep SWANSEA out of religation for the 2nd stinct.He is not capable for big clubs and without any exp in champions league and europa league. All the diehard players of this LFC had gone and there he had new faces who had no RED’s blood.they are lacking in all respect to compete in PL. You may remember the match when suarez sledges patrice evra at old trafford.There was agony in every ones mind to beat them which is teh philosophy.BR had destroyed everything .I think FCG should look into this to keep the philosophy of THE KOPS

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