Supporters Are Losing Faith In Rodgers

15 Sep

Supporters Are Losing Faith In Rodgers


After Liverpool’s last two disappointing defeats and underwhelming start to the season, the pressure on Brendan Rodgers is mounting.

Many supporters thought it was time for the manager to go in the summer after a poor end to last season and the embarrassment at Stoke on the last day of the season looked to be the final straw for Rodgers.

But the owners have granted Rodgers more time to turn things around despite failure to finish in the top four or win a trophy last season. It’s a change of attitude from the owners after sacking Liverpool Legend Kenny Dalglish so quickly, considering he took the club to two cup finals, winning one of them.

Maybe the £9million pay-off is putting the Americans off sacking Rodgers, whatever the reason, the Reds boss looks like he has lost his way at Anfield and it is hard to see him turning things around.

I really hope Rodgers does turn things around but how long can he go on with the games coming thick and fast.

The team lacks direction and the players have lost confidence and Rodgers looks like he can’t motivate them anymore.

The Premier League is unforgiving with no easy games and the West Ham game was a great example of this.

After the exciting football and title run-in from a couple of seasons ago it would be sad to see Rodgers go and maybe this is why the Americans are giving him a chance to turn things around, but I just sense his lack of experience and never managing a big club before is showing and the owners need to decide how long to let him go on struggling.

The supporters are turning against Rodgers and I don’t see many backing him after the last two ‘gutless’ defeats.



3 Responses to “Supporters Are Losing Faith In Rodgers”

  1. Truth September 15, 2015 at 2:56 pm #

    This charlatan has destroyed are credibility in Europe,and he is now turning his intentions towards the Premier League…GET rodgers OUT NOW,not Xmas or end of the season…

  2. John R. Mwangeka September 15, 2015 at 4:16 pm #

    FSG find themselves in a dilemma on what to do with BR despite the clamour for his sack by the fans. It’s only 5 matches into the season, a bit early in the season, however, what’s frustrating is since the 6-1 loss at Stoke, we’ve had two more painful losses to West Ham at home and a bitter one to swallow to Man Utd away. What pains the fans is how LFC lost! Consider the investment in players and the embarassing performances! The significance of this: 1.) Poor recruitment of players that doesn’t take stock of what the team needs. 2.)Perrenial lack of quality players in defence and now midfield and also wide players.3.)Lack of consistent tactical/systematic approach to matches. All these weaknesses point to BR as a coach who suddenly lacks direction. What’s very clear now is that BR is an average coach, a poor fit for a world brand which LFC is; whose performance at one stage was masked by the vigour,energy and excellent performance of Suarez, Sturridge, Gerrard and Sterling. FSG must make a decision soon rather than later to save LFC from further embarassment.

  3. owaka ismail September 15, 2015 at 10:16 pm #

    br go out ur just hearts as go for good

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