Respect For Martin Skrtel

16 Jun

Respect For Martin Skrtel

It seems that Liverpool’s Martin Skrtel could be on his way to Turkey after reports suggest that Fenerbahce have made an acceptable offer of £5.5million for the defender.

Skrtel’s imminent departure will end nine years’ service with Liverpool in which he made 319 appearances and scored 18 goals.

Skrtel was not everyone’s favourite and had many critics during his career at Anfield, but he deserves tremendous respect for his commitment and service to Liverpool.

In recent seasons Skrtel became Liverpool’s best defender, although most critics including myself will argue that it was because of the club’s receding lack of quality in the centre of defence over the years.

Skrtel always gave 100% for the club and was a big, strong defender, although he did struggle against big, physical centre-forwards at times, but probably his biggest criticism was his grappling with opponents when defending set-pieces.

Personally I thought Skrtel was a decent defender, but my biggest fault with him was his lack of communication with fellow defenders, especially over the years when he became more experienced, he never organised his defence, he just defended as an individual and that was my biggest disappointment with him.

But Skrtel deserves respect for his service at Liverpool because he gave everything every time he pulled on a red shirt and I’d like to wish him well for the future.


One Response to “Respect For Martin Skrtel”

  1. rick78 June 16, 2016 at 10:29 am #

    Respect is due to a Liverpool’s servant, but the fact He’s never lived with expectations and progressed as predicted. I have a lot fo respect for Skrtel, but after Oldham in The Fa Cup, He should have departed from LFC.

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