Liverpool’s Frustrations

21 Aug

Liverpool’s Frustrations

It’s not easy being a Liverpool supporter, we have suffered years and years of anticipation and hope, only to see them dashed and our team fail.

This young season has already highlighted this all too familiar theme, first we beat Arsenal away from home for the first time in years, giving us a great start to the season, before losing away to newly promoted Burnley yesterday in a very disappointing performance.

Liverpool supporters believe we have the right man at the helm to take us to glory in Jurgen Klopp, but we still have many frustrations highlighted by yesterday’s defeat.

1.       Everyone can see we need a better left back except for Klopp and his coaching staff. Moreno has had plenty of chances and is not improving and Milner is not a left back either.

2.       We need to sign a defensive midfielder, Burnley’s counter-attacking caused us all sorts of problems without one, and Lucas is our only natural DM and he is too slow after all his injuries.

3.       Goalkeeper, is Karius the answer to our problems? Hard to tell, but Mignolet isn’t good enough and with Joe Hart seemingly available, Liverpool should seriously think about him.

4.       We lack leaders in the team and Henderson is not captain materiel.

5.       Yesterday’s defeat was like a Brendan Rodgers’ team, so much possession, without any penetration.

6.       Sturridge needs somebody to play alongside him, because he doesn’t have the pace, workrate and strength to play as a lone striker.

7.       We can rely on the Klopp’s enthusiasm to win games, we need better quality players and whilst we have been reluctant to spend money this summer, being more interested in bringing money in by selling, we will continue to see the inconsistency we are frustratingly used to seeing.



Yesterday’s performance and result wasn’t a bad day at the office, it is just where we are at, not good enough to be consistent or challenge for a top four place.


One Response to “Liverpool’s Frustrations”

  1. Joe mart August 21, 2016 at 8:07 pm #

    Spot on! Consistency is the key word. It has been so All along. Imo, Klopp is acting ignorantly stubborn on signing top class players or is there any issue on that. He refused to sign Teixeira and imagine he and Mane at either flanks. Our attack could’ve been Astronomically in depths.

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