Rodgers Been Let Down

1 Sep

Rodgers Been Let Down



The Transfer window has now slammed shut, and Liverpool is now left to work with the players they have left, which is not very many.


There has been an exodus at Anfield this summer, with many players leaving and not so many coming in. The American owners probably have a lot to do with it, as they gave former manager Dalglish so much money to transform the team.


Unfortunately Dalglish’s signings never fulfilled their potential. Players like Adam, Downing, Henderson and the much criticised signing Carroll.


It is easy to blame Dalglish or Comolli of their transfer strategy, but the owners have to take most of the blame for allowing silly amounts of money to be spent on overpriced players, and with the result of this summer’s transfer window, it looks like Liverpool have very little money left.


Brendan Rodgers has come into Liverpool with a massive job on his hands to try and make Liverpool challengers again. Rodgers has his own strategy and knows what players he wanted to bring in to improve his side, but I can’t believe he is very happy with the way the transfer window has turned out for him.


I’m sure Rodgers was instructed to reduce the wage bill, and this has been achieved as many players have been shown the exit in one way or another.


Liverpool have lost players like Kuyt, Maxi, Aurelio, Craig Bellamy, Charlie Adam and Eccleston, with Danny Wilson , Jay Spearing and Andy Carroll going out on loan , to mention a few, and not so many have arrived at Anfield to strengthen a depleted squad.


OK so the American owners have spent around £29 million on players to bring in, but Liverpool still look very short of players.


Striker Borini has been brought into the club, along with Joe Allen from Swansea, winger Assaidi and Sahin from Real Madrid on loan.


But the most obvious position that Liverpool look short in, is in the striker department, Liverpool only have new signing Borini, and Luis Suarez as recognised strikers, with young Adam Morgan who has no experience at all.


Liverpool letting Carroll go on loan to West Ham looked like it would be a certainty that Liverpool would bring in another striker. But it didn’t happen.


Chelsea’s Sturridge was rumoured to be a transfer target, and it was no secret that Liverpool wanted Fulham’s Clint Dempsey, who also wished to come to the club. But as it turned out Spurs nipped in and stole him from under Liverpool’s nose, and now Liverpool are left very short of strikers.


Liverpool has a lot more games to play this season too, with the inclusion of the Europa League. So having two recognised strikers for the whole season just does not look enough.


Suarez will pick up bookings and receive suspensions and will need to be wrapped up in cotton wool to protect him from injury, but will he be able to provide the goals Liverpool need to have a good season ?


So far Borini looks like he has never played up front as he has been guilty of missing a few chances in his fledgling Liverpool career.


Liverpool struggled to score goals last season and most people thought they needed another striker back then, when Liverpool had the services of Andy Carroll, Luis Suarez, Craig Bellamy and Dirk Kuyt.


But now Liverpool look as if they are going to struggle for goals and with all their rivals like Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and Man United improving their squads, it looks like Liverpool could finish another season in mid-table.


I just feel Brendan Rodgers must feel he has been let down by the likes of Ian Ayre and his American owners as I’m sure although he didn’t want Andy Carroll he still wouldn’t have allowed him to leave without being certain of getting another front player in.


Time will tell if Liverpool can cope with the players they have but I fear the worst for the club I love.




2 Responses to “Rodgers Been Let Down”

  1. John colfar September 1, 2012 at 11:33 am #

    I feel sorry for Brendan I really do , why should he suffer for the stupidity in spending vast amounts on piss poor average players last summer , FSG gave Comolli the go ahead to spend spend spend it was their idea no one else’s .
    Mr Henry has a record of not admitting to mistakes and my curiosity led me to research the Boston Red Socks fan forums today to see how their fans feel about FSG ‘s failure to invest in this seasons draft for new players stateside and the feelings are very similar to how most Liverpool fans are feeling right now .
    It begs the question are both teams being hindered for the sake of each other if so the LFC are not for them and hope they can pass the ownership on sooner rather than later , Martin Broughton stipulated in the buyout a new stadium was a must , as we near the 2nd anniversary there are still no plans in place , are they really any better than H& G or are they just better liars?.

  2. Ian September 1, 2012 at 2:46 pm #

    People have very short memories – we should understand if the owners have decided to rein spending in. It’s not like we have CL football to give us loads of cash is it? We are trying to break in to tge top four – and it’s a long term project. It may be that in January we go out and buy a striker – i am sure we will be in with a shout with the players we have got!

    FSG got their hands burnt by Comoli and not understanding pricing with regards to football. They obviously won’t be doing it again!

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