Hillsborough Families Should Be Knighted

23 Oct

Hillsborough Families Should Be Knighted

For 23 years the families of the victims of the Hillsborough disaster have fought against the biggest cover up in sporting history. Nobody can appreciate what trials, tribulations and emotions they have all went through for so long.

The thought of a loved one going to a football match never to return is tragic enough, but to endure the constant lies and having their loved ones blamed for their own deaths by the authorities and publicised by the Sun newspaper is appalling.

The families never accepted the verdict of “accidental death” for their relatives and they campaigned for the truth to come out over the disaster. They had to pay for their legal fees in their fight for justice against those responsible, who were funded by tax payers money.

They were constantly shot down in flames regarding their search for the truth, but they never stopped fighting and gained support over the years.

Finally on the 12th September this year the Hillsborough Independent Panel’s Report was released, revealing the truth of what happened during and after the disaster of April 1989 in which 96 supporters died.

The never give up attitude by the families for so many years is astounding and finally they have won the fight for the truth to come out, and for everyone to know the facts, which are shameful for so many parties, the police, the medical staff, the government, the media and the FA, who have yet to apologise for their part in selecting Hillsborough as the venue for that fateful match, after previous safety incidents and concerns raised about Hillsborough.

Trevor Hicks, Anne Williams and Margaret Aspinall are just a few of the tragic relatives who lost loved ones on that tragic day, but along with many others they have to be applauded for their endeavour and tireless effort in finally bringing the truth out.

The Hillsborough families’ fight for justice has gained support over the years from many people, the people of Liverpool, whose city was tarnished by many allegations from the disaster. Celebrities like Peter Hooton from the Farm, Mick Jones of The Clash, Pete Wylie from the Mighty Wah and singer, song writer, and many others I apologise for not mentioning.

MP’s Steve Rotheram and Andy Burnham have also been instrumental in helping bring the truth to the fore, and they deserve tremendous credit.

Last night MP’s debated for the first time in The House of Commons regarding the findings of the Hillsborough Independent Panel’s report, and Home Secretary Theresa May revealed that the Government is considering using emergency laws to ensure no police officer involved in the cover-up surrounding the Hillsborough disaster escapes justice.

And May admitted she found elements of the panel’s report ‘shocking’ and said: “The truth that some families have long known, or suspected, is now clear for all to see and to respect.

“They have fought for justice and not warm words. But I would like to place on the record my respect for them all the same.

“And I offer them this commitment – the government will do everything in its power to support them in moving from truth to justice.”

On Monday it was also revealed during the debate – which lasted for almost five hours – that the names of 1,444 former and serving police officers have been passed to the IPCC as part of its investigation into the disaster.

The whole episode of 23 years that the Hillsborough families have endured and fought for should see them knighted, but they didn’t do this for titles or money, they only did this for their tragic loved ones and for the truth and justice for those responsible.



Pete Wylie’s Heart As Big As Liverpool http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgFY6tmAl8A


3 Responses to “Hillsborough Families Should Be Knighted”

  1. mrjnh October 23, 2012 at 4:07 pm #

    Never will a cause have been so worthy; every one of them is a victim of British Establishment corruption at a level never previously attested to – & to think that the perpertrators have themselves been honoured; truly astounding!

    It couldn’t be made up…

  2. Mat Bakus October 24, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

    As much as admire those that have fought against this appalling injustice, I am not a big fan of the honours system – Sir Jimmy Savile anyone? – and don’t see how giving these people an empty title would make any difference.

    They don’t need letters after their names for the World at large to know what they have achieved…


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