The Kop Supporting Suarez

22 Oct

The Kop Supporting Suarez


Liverpool finally earned their first home league win of the season on Saturday against Reading. It was a struggle for the Anfield side as they squandered numerous chances to kill of a stubborn Reading side.


But a win for Liverpool was the most important factor as they strive to make Anfield a fortress again. The home support has not witnessed many victories at Anfield this calendar year, so the victory was a welcome one.


The win was the biggest positive of the day for Liverpool, other positives were the clean sheet which proved vital for the win, with stand in goal keeper Brad Jones making a couple of important saves to achieve this.


Raheem Sterling looks like a seasoned pro and is giving Liverpool an added dimension to Liverpool’s attack not seen since the days of Steve McManaman. Sterling’s goal was clinical after linking up with Suarez who continues to cause havoc for defenders.


But once again the Anfield supporters impressed with their show of support for their talisman Luis Suarez when they saw him rewarded with a free-kick in the first half. The noise was deafening from the home support as they cheered sarcastically at referee Roger East’s decision to award Suarez a free-kick.


The supporters feel Suarez is being unfairly treated by referees’ as both media and opposition managers have recently described the Uruguayan as a “diver”. This unfair reputation has influenced refereeing decisions in recent games, the most amazing decision being the refusal to give Liverpool a penalty when Suarez was brought down in the penalty box during the Norwich match.


The reaction to the free-kick on Saturday must have been music to Suarez’s ears as he knows the Liverpool supporters are right behind him, regardless of what others say. This show of emotion from the home support could have an influence on future refereeing decisions at Anfield opposite to opposing managers’ comments.


The Anfield support is legendary at backing their players and this is just another example of their loyalty to their players.


If Suarez was in any way feeling like an isolated figure in the English game in his quest to play his style of football, then I’m sure he now realises that there are many thousands of Liverpool supporters enjoying his way of playing football, as they help their hero to gain justice from referees.




2 Responses to “The Kop Supporting Suarez”

  1. Koptalk Outsider October 22, 2012 at 11:10 am #

    Why do you want to be associated with that conman at koptalk? Have you had a word with Antoine about him?

    • thekopiteview October 22, 2012 at 5:07 pm #

      thanks mate, I’ll maybe need to talk to Antoine mate.

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