Life Without Suarez

12 Jul

Liverpool are coming to terms with losing their world class striker Luis Suarez after a deal was finally completed with Barcelona.  Brendan Rodgers believes his team will cope without the  Uruguayan but to lose such a brilliant player will be tough and it will be interesting to see if anybody can step  up to the plate and provide the goals. Liverpool worked wonders to keep Suarez at the club after last year’s biting ban with Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic and last summer’s transfer speculation that the striker was trying to manufacture a move away from Anfield. But although Suarez has been magnificent for Liverpool he has brought much bad publicity on the club with numerous misdeamanours and his latest one on the World stage make it possibly the best time for both Liverpool and the player to part. Liverpool have negotiated a decent amount of money for Suarez and the player has got his wish of making a move to Spain. So both parties should be reasonably happy, although opinion will always be divided between supporters. One thing is for sure no player is bigger than the club and Liverpool will have new heroes.


One Response to “Life Without Suarez”

  1. Mike Key (@DMKey55) July 12, 2014 at 11:21 am #

    He had to to go! Unsavory to say the least and all his goals does not make up for the fact he has tarnished our great club! Think this….If he had not been suspended at the beginning of last season for biting we would have won the league. To start the season again with him suspended underlines the fact he is flawed. Forget him! Let us walk on!

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